Mumbai under siege

00:20 – Oh man, this is crazy.. Oberoi and Taj have been attacked by terrorists.. alongwith many other places in south Mumbai.. CST, Cama Hospital etc.. suspected hostages

00:45 – There’s fire visible in the Oberoi lobby..

00:50 – They say some terrorists escaped from the Oberoi.. wtf???

01:05 – The escaped terrorists shot at chowpaati.. some very gory pics on Times Now.. the bastards deserve it.

01:15 – Smoke on top of the Taj.. shit.. they just interviewed some Britisher who says the terrorists said they wanted American and British nationals..

01:25 – They say there’s a boat with explosives found at the Gateway of India.. some dude talks about explosives coming in from the sea route.. a couple of live bombs got defused at the Taj..

01:35 – There’s news suddenly coming in that some top cops are not martyrs :(

01:40 – I hate Shivraj Patil.. he sounds like he just wants to go back to sleep.. someone sack the guy! X-(

01:45 – ATS chief Karkare is now a martyr.. alongwith top ATS cop Salaskar :(

01:48 – I hate the way these news channels are reporting it.. it’s so bad for the families of these brave men..

01:50 – They are showing images of Karkare donning a bullet-proof jacket and heading towards the building.. we crib and complain.. that’s all we do.. and these people still go in and lay down their lives for us..

01:55 – I see the Taj dome on fire..

02:10 – Seems like there’s a definite hostage situation developing..

02:15 – Addnl Commissioner Kamte has also laid down his life.. God bless these brave souls..

02:17 – Army platoons are entering the hotel now.. there was news earlier of Naval commandos doing the same.. there are still a lot of poeple inside the hotel.. how many under the terrorist gun is unknown..

02:20 – There’s this news of terrorists just going around in cars driving around and opening fire indiscriminately.. right there on the streets.. that’s how it started supposedly.. I mean, that brazen?! It pisses me off so bad X-(.. and also, scares the hell out of me..

02:23 – Four bodies have been brought out of the Trident/Oberoi.. terrorists.. civilians.. security forces.. dunno yet..

02:25 – They’re showing a still pic (supposedly from Maharashatra Times) of one of the terrorists.. he looks like a teenager..

02:32 – So I switched to CNN for a bit.. which is also carrying the story live.. after an interview with some reported, the anchor lady remarks.. “fascinating stuff”.. WTF..???

02:40 – Oh shit.. they just showed footage from a couple of hours ago.. a police Qualis drove by and people from inside fired at the crowd.. this was the Qualis that was suspected to have been stolen by the terrorists.. this is Colaba.. near Metro cinema..

02:41 – Deccan Mujahideen claims responsibility through emails

02:50 – A police briefing on.. he says Cama Hospital and Taj Hotel are still witnessing gunshots.. other spots are quiet.. police is sanitizing the Oberoi/Trident.. 2 terrorists have been killed (at Chowpaati).. 9 suspected terrorists have been arrested..

03:05 – It’s an army operation now.. they’re going at it floor by floor supposedly.. sanitizing it.. please, no more civilian/cop casualties.. but let’s f$%^ing get rid of the terrorists..

03:07 – There’s showing a search kinda operation going around the Marriot.. pre-emptive perhaps..

03:10 – A direct quote.. “The Naval Marine core has been sent in.. their speciality is that they are known to hit the target without making a noise”.. I can’t help but smile.. the reporter has obviously not played Delta Force ever :)

03:16 – R.R. Patil has reached the the area outside the Taj.. with an entourage of 50.. God only knows why he’s needed there..

03:17 – Blood needed at JJ Hospital.. also breaking news, most of the guests have been brought out of the Taj..

03:25 – Ok, so it seems about 50 people have been brought out of the Taj.. they were just hiding in the conf room or something.. some of them were attending some Korean Business Conference..

03:26 – Major smoke and flames from the Taj terrace.. gunshots can be heard..

03:29 – The fire’s majorly spreading.. the top floor is completely covered.. sad, I and Parul were just talking the Taj yesterday.. it’s such a beautiful building.. but now’s not the time for that.. they’re not sure whether people are still there trapped on the floor.. cops or civilians..

03:30 – Lots of continuous gunfire..

03:43 – The fire bridage didn’t move in for quite a while.. and the trucks just came in now.. Arnab Goswami has put on his tweed Holmes hat and decided that this means the commando operation is close to getting over.. I’m also hearing something about 3 hostages.. a Belgian, an Indonesian and one other person..

03:51 – No one’s talking of Oberoi/Trident anymore.. the gunshots have stopped at the Taj.. and the firemen ladder is coming up..

03:53 – Lots of unconfirmed reports.. supposedly gunshots were heard near Bootleggers in Colaba.. also, someone coming out of the Taj supposedly said, “the stairway in the old wing is full of dead bodies..”

03:58 – Arnab Goswami is cracking the scene today.. latest deduction.. about 40 minutes back, R.R Patil was at the Taj premises.. 5 minutes after he left, we heard the first gunshots.. obviously, a decision was taken..

04:05 – CNN just quoted a statistic on the number of people killed in terrorist strikes in India in the past 6 months.. the only country that has more is Iraq.. it kinda hit me.. what’s happening to my country?

04:10 – Update from Cama Hospital.. the terrorist hold up continues there.. no confirmation of a hostage situation.. Cama Hospital is the place where the top Mumbai policemen laid down their lives..

04:31 – Whoa.. one of the news channels is talking about 40 people being held hostage at the Trident/Oberoi.. an extra RAF company has just arrived on the scene..

04:35 – It seems that the army is getting ready for a 2nd round of operations at the Taj.. 5 terrorists have supposedly been cornered in there.. of course, such reports will always be unconfirmed for now..

04:37 – When that RAF company entered the Oberoi, immediate shots were heard fired at them.. and the Taj is on fire again..

04:45 – I’m crashing now.. those out there fighting for us, our prayers are with you..

10:10 – Foreign nationals held as hostages in Trident, Taj and Nariman House.. the toll has reached 3 figures (including 12 policemen).. a commando operation is underway.. it’s gonna be a long haul.. it’s confirmed that the terrorists came in by boat.. 5 have been killed till now, 2 have supposedly escaped..

10:15 – Touring English cricket team wants to head back home.. hotels have been supposedly asked not to take any more guests.. schools, colleges and offices closed in Mumbai.. the city, our country is truly under seige..

12:40 – At least 4 terrorists are holed up at the Taj.. about 40-50 guests still inside (not held hostage though).. the England cricket team has called off its tour of India.. all intl flights from Mumbai have been cancelled..

13:50 – The standoff continues.. one terrorist has been shot dead at Nariman House.. supposedly there are 6 more in there.. I’m shocked by the sheer numbers of these terrorists.. a total count seems to be hitting 25ish at least..

14:25 – They’re talking to some dude who’s inside the Taj.. he’s really appreciating the Taj management.. in fact, I love the statement the Taj Group released.. anyways, he said he’s been able to contact the Taj helpdesk earlier but the lines are going busy now.. televisions have been cut off.. he says about 18 hostages have been taken.. (portions of this entry have been removed, it didn’t seem right to talk about them publicly)..

14:28 – There are some unconfirmed reports that the hostage crisis at the Taj is over..

14:35 – DGP interviewed at NDTV.. says the Taj sanitization is not even 50% complete, where they’re going room by room, corner by corner.. he says to his knowledge, there is no hostage situation at the Taj.. all those stuck in banquet halls or conference rooms have been rescued.. some others are in the rooms and they will be coming out as we find them.. he says NSG is leading the operation at all places.. with naval commandos being the 2nd tier.. and Mumbai police providing back up..

14:38 – Direct quote from the DGP.. “we are not negotiating.. we are going to get them and get them soon”

14:42 – Military sources says that their priority is to secure the safety of the hostages.. however, engagement with the enemy is standard procedure in such situations..

14:46 – Nariman House was being used by the Israeli embassy for some outreach program..

15:11 – Unconfirmed reports that Naval choppers are chasing a ship that is believed to have dropped the terrorists off.. whoa.. this is going all the way..

15:17 – And then.. in another part of the city.. officer Salaskar makes his last journey.. these are the people who help us keep the faith.. ^:)^

15:41 – They finally showed us pics of what Barkha Dutt has been talking about for so long.. when marine commandos reached the Trident (which, by the way, is Oberoi’s new name), the crowd broke into spontaneous applause and cries of “bhaarat mata ki jai”.. it was quite moving..

16:15 – So they’re now interviewing a Navy guy.. he says that the news around the terrorists coming from the sea is not authenticated.. a couple of the Marcos have been injured there, one of them was critical for a while. He says the Marcos analysis of the situation is that the terrorists are extremely well trained..

16:18 – The Marcos have recovered some ATM cards.. Srinivasan Jain wanted to try and read the names.. I can’t help but remember that dialogue from “A Wednesday”..

16:22 – Navy surveillance has not shown any suspicious ships.. they did find one that seemed weird but “the guy was quite innocent”..

16:39 – Barkha Dutt is at some secret location near the Trident.. she bloody goes in everywhere! Some people have just made their way out of the hotel..

16:48 – PM addressing the nation.. stronger laws under NSA very clearly talked about..

16:49 – Police reforms, federal anti-terror agency.. of course, usual strong words of condemnation in there as well.. I know ‘police reforms’ sounds very obvious.. but when I walk through Forum, I know we need this bad.. PM had ironically brought it up last week as well.. and its something no one talks about.. but its not about creating another agency.. it’s about giving our police what they need to do this right..

17:28 – And the Taj is on fire again.. pretty hefty fires have broken out at two separate places.. obviously, this means there’s action happening inside.. it seems the fires from last night were caused by grenades lobbed by the terrorists who used the fire to run away from the commandos that were closing in..

18:15 – Ratan Tata says (The Taj Hotel is a Tata property).. (slightly paraphrased).. “my message here is.. we have a situation here that none of us will ever forget.. my only plea is that the state and central governments should also not forget it”

18:43 – One terrorist caught alive at Oberoi..

19:00 – Operation at Taj almost over supposedly.. only one terrorist still left inside.. Trident operation resulted in a major gunfight a while back.. the security forces have met with a lot of resistance on the 8th floor..

19:40 – Nope, it’s nowhere close to over.. lots of gunfire at the Trident.. there’s a fire raging as well.. Taj just saw a huge explosion.. on the other end, seems like NSG is getting ready for a final assault at Nariman House..

20:22 – Unconfirmed reports that the terrorists even have a rocket launcher in there..

20:27 – There are some idiots on the panel at CNN-IBN who’re crapping about the top officers of Mumbai Police getting complacent and therefore getting shot.. let’s throw these chaps into the Trident and tell them to fight for us.. that’d shut them up..

20:40 – The Taj management called many guests that weren’t at the hotel when the incidents hadn’t completely panned out.. when the first news came in.. telling them not to return.. how many lives did this small action save?

21:38 – The death toll is at 125 now.. 7 terrorists have been killed at the Taj according to “sources”

22:09 – A fishing trawler has been detained by the Coast Guard.. it had been hijacked by the terrorists.

23:55 – It’s just so conflicting right now.. Times Now is carrying 2 headlines one after the other.. “Army: Taj cleared of terrorists”.. and.. “NSG Sources: One injured terrorist still holed up at the Taj”.. so no one really knows what’s happening.. except that gunfire is heard intermittently.. and both hotels are on fire.

23:57 – About 15 people have been rescued from the Nariman House.. trickles of 2-3 are being walked out by the commandos..

Mumbai under siege – Day 2


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  1. Who the fuck ever calls this a payback for whatever the fuck you are thinking about is a fucked up asshole! I don’t want to mince words. Yeah, my name is Ravi.

  2. @Sep – Talked to him.. he’s fine.. says thankfully, they didn’t stop out last night.. he’s at home.. watching tv.. like pretty much everyone else..

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