Mumbai under siege – Day 2

09:15 – The operations at the 3 locations still continue. Commandos have airdropped on top of Nariman House via choppers. All hostages have been rescued from that location. Again, we receive such reports only to be contradicted later.. but yes, there’s pretty continuous gunfire. At the Taj, there supposedly is one militant still alive inside who’s moving from floor to floor. At the Trident, the situation is quite grim. Many, many people are still inside and no evacuation has happened since 23:30 last night.

09:27 – The one sentiment I hear over and over again.. every single person interviewed brings this up.. “the Taj staff was very, very efficient.. very, very considerate..”

09:28 – Arre huzoor.. waah Taj boliye.. :)

10:56 – Bus full of people evacuated from Trident.. YAY!!

12:04 – Army Commander LT Gen N Thamburaj says the new Taj Hotel building has been totally sanitised and handed over to the police. One confirmed terrorist left in the old Taj building. He says the terrorist has knocked out the lights in two floors and is on the move constantly. The NSG has established contact with this terrorist. The army is confident that operations at the old Taj Hotel building will come to an end in a couple of hours.

12:09 – 93 have been rescued from the Trident.. report of some trapped having lost their lives :(

12:16 – I know no one would really be reading this.. but media has been asked to stop broadcastng as “it is believed that terrorists holed up inside are getting access to the security forces movements”.. so updates would be extremely sanitized now..

12:24 – The media has clearly not stopped broadcasting :(

12:34 – I don’t like it when Barkha Dutt goes over to people and ask them about their relatives trapped inside.. Aaj Tak of course makes me wanna puke.. but I don’t like it when even Barkha does it.. I hope she only approaches people who really wanna share their grief.. and is respectful enough off-camera also..

12:50 – And there’s chaos near the Trident coz the Chief Minister has landed up.. someone tell him to go hide in his Raj Bhawan equivalent..

13:01 – There’s a chilling tale in the Times of India today.. Sabina Sehgal, a food critic with the Times is trapped on the 6th floor of the Taj heritage building.. she had been smsing earlier but her phone is silent now.. “so far so good”.. “i am shaking”.. “desperate firing outside the room, my window panes have shattered”.. “i am hiding under the bed”.. “they are in my bathroom”.. I so hope she makes it out.. and well, just in case, I also hope she’s at peace, in a safer place where none can touch her.. prayers of courage go out to her loved ones.. >:D<

13:30 – Unconfirmed reports of fresh firing at CST..

13:35 – One of the Marcos gave a press briefing.. pretty much confirmation of what we’ve already heard.. but it’s good to hear it officially..

13:43 – A lot is being made of the fact that the terrorists had killed the lights.. umm, don’t our commandos have night vision?

13:58 – The Taj old building he becoming the center of action now.. along with the Oberoi building.. the Taj new building and the Trident building have supposedly gone through 1 complete round of sanitization.. there are reports of many dead bodies in Tiffin, the Oberoi restaurant.

14:00 – That CST firing thing was some stupid rumour..

14:40 – Oberoi and Trident have been sanitized says an official briefing of the Army

14:43 – He is avoiding all questions on how many guests have been killed :(..

15:17 – A total of 30 bodies have been recovered from Oberoi/Trident. More than 200 have been rescued. Two terrorists have been killed. The operations are more or less over at this location. A second round of sanitation is underway.

15:26 – The PM has asked his Pak counterpart to send the ISI chief to New Delhi.

17:04 – Major shit happening at the Taj.. in full gaze of the media.. NDTV is recording but we’re off live images.. dunno about the rest.. junta does have cameras pointed in the direction..

18:22 – The NSG lost 2 members of their team today :(.. the Taj operation is in full flow.. no civilians inside supposedly.. but people are now talking of 6 terrorists still there..

18:35 – Nariman House operation over.. terrorists killed!! Great job guys!!

18:45 – There are thousands of people on the streets near Nariman House that are cheering.. commandos came out to a rousing reception.. Barkha Dutt calls it “jubilant chaos”.. awesome!!

18:50 – You have to see these pictures being streamed to believe the jubilation..

18:57 – Oh man.. and now they’re announcing on the loudspeaker that the encounter is not yet over.. he says they have control of Nariman House but its not over.. no idea what that means.. this is so sad that I can’t help but laugh..

18:59 – Ok, so it seems there were 3 terrorists (numbers change every 5 min) who were holed up at Nariman House and they have been killed.. a bunch of commandos walking out gave a thumbs up sign and the crowds went berserk.. however, there still is one floor left that also has to be sanitized..

20:35 – 5 hostages found dead in Nariman House.. the Rabbi and his wife reportedly among them.. it’s over at Nariman House.

20:46 – Agreed. You can keep your crores. Weren’t you abusing the same Karkare over Malegaon? The Karkare whose home you wanted to enter today to pay respect?

20:49 – There were South African commandos at the restaurant in the Taj. They secured the area themselves.. they decided the restaurant wasn’t exactly the best place to be as there was a lot of glass.. so they moved everyone to a conference room, secured the area, armed whoever they could with knives.. and in trickles on 2-3, moved a lot of junta out of the hotel through the fire exit shaft..

21:15 – Mumbai, I know you are resilient.. I’ve heard a lot about your spirit.. I’ve seen it.. but please don’t bounce back.. please don’t.. things won’t change if you do..

21:18 – Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was not a “marathi manoos”.. and he laid down his life protecting Mumbaikars.. will Raj Thackeray please stand up.. and will Mumbaikars now stop listening to that idiot? We are one.. WE ARE ONE.

23:46 – We all wait.. as the Taj Operation continues..

Mumbai under siege – Day 3


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