Selling old books in Bangalore

I’m starting to slowly think of my impending move-out of Bangalore. And one potential block that I see is carrying the many, many books that I have back to Mom and Dad’s place. However, many of the books that I have here were bought on whims and didn’t really end up on my “favourite” list. So I’m thinking that I’ll get rid of them.

Do you know of any places in Bangalore where I can sell/donate books? If so, please type in a comment to this post. Thanks!

Of course, this has given me the opportunity to try out the e-commerce experiment that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve put two of my books up for sale on eBay India. They are here and here. I’ll be really surprised if they actually sell but having worked in an e-commerce vendor company for a long while, I really wanted to experience the other side of things. And this was a good opportunity. Let’s see how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Selling old books in Bangalore”

  1. There’s a “Select Bookstore” off Brigade Road. If you move from MG Road to Residency Road, it’s in one of the lanes on the left. Basically, 2 rooms in a house run by a very knowledgeable old man. They accept second hand books, preferring non-fiction but ok with fiction as well.- Rahul

  2. hey. i have many IB text books. There are in very good condition- next to brand new. I am willing to sell them at very subsidized. Let me know if you are interested.

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