Donating Old Clothes In Bangalore

I have a few clothes that aren’t torn or anything but I just don’t wear them anymore. For some reason, my clothes don’t tear that often. It’s probably a testament to their durability than any special care that I subject them to. I also haven’t changed much over the years, so I haven’t outgrown my clothes. I still wear t-shirts that I see myself wearing in photos clicked in 1997. But there are some clothes that you just, you know, retire. As I’m moving out of Bangalore, these are the ones that I don’t want to carry along with me. They would be of much greater use to others around me, who aren’t as lucky as I am.

So over the past few days, I’ve tried searching the net for some places where you can go to donate used clothes. I would have thought that in a city like Bangalore, there must be quite a few charities that you could go to if you wanted to donate and you would be able to find them online. But a Google search renders almost nothing. It’s a little sad..

But then, we all know that someone above holds all the strings.. so last week, when I was at my bank for some stuff, a walk around led me to what I was searching for. So here’s what I did.. my footprints in the sand. Hopefully, if you’re looking to donate clothes in Bangalore, this post would help you..

Take the 100 Ft. Road in Indiranagar from Domlur Flyover to the CMH Road Crossing. At the Crossing, turn right. A 100 meters in, you’ll see ICICI bank on your left and right next to the bank, a road cuts in. Take that road, within 50 metres you’ll reach a T-junction that hits a road called the Sri Krishna Temple Road. Across the road, a little to your right, you’ll see Nilgiris and right next to it is a School for the Visually Impaired.

They have drop boxes outside the school, 3 of them in bright yellow colour. One of them is for food, another for clothes and the third one for old newspapers and books.

An hour ago, I dropped off my old clothes in the clothes drop box, told the girl sitting at the reception inside and walked away. It was simple, really. And it felt pretty good :)

Addendum: If I hadn’t come across that school, I would have headed here. You can try this one too and contribute to their clothes bank. I had called them up and they seemed like nice people.

Update in Nov 2016: I wrote this post in 2009, which is when (as is apparent by its content) I left Bangalore. This post attracts a lot of people and so could I please ask that if someone does go to the school I have mentioned recently, please leave a comment. If you know of any other ways to donate clothes in Bangalore, please leave a comment. Leave your footprints in the sand for others to follow.

30 thoughts on “Donating Old Clothes In Bangalore”

  1. Here's why your clothes stay fit: You always roamed the wings topless..wait that was me. Sorry.But yeah, donating does give you a good feeling. In Amreeka, they have Salvation Army & Goodwill stores so that makes things easier.

    1. I need used girls clothes age 5 to 10 years as charity
      I have many gents shirts and pants which i would like to exchange for the girls clothes and toys Please help me

  2. Hi Rahul.This school was founded by Sensei Rakum, and continues to be run by him. He is a karate black belt of the highest dan, and taught both my daughters karate. He is doing some really laudable work for the less privileged, and I'm glad you were able to find the school when you wanted to donate something.Regards,Winston.

  3. Thanks for the information…I would like to add here that R.K. Foundation is good option as well. One good thing about them is they have their collection center spread across city.So you dont need to travell all the way. Just call them and ask about the nearest center in your area.

  4. i as always wondering how i could reach to the needy–with clothes/ sationeries—thanks a lot for this input.
    will very soon deliver the itemes at the said point.

  5. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I was actually looking forward to donate my old clothing i’ve had enough with just like you :) and came across your blog. I will be heading there sometime next week. :)

    thanks again.

  6. Thanks a lot for the posting. I wil definately go through their and circulate the same info in office so that many more people can participate & contribute.

    1. Dear deepti, You can donate your clothes to us, we are volunteering team – 9740090432. We will come and pick up the clothes and distribute to refugee centers in Bangalore. pls check it out our site – and share this with ur frns too. we appreciate ur interest on people. regards. NBYT

  7. Hi,

    Indian Red Cross Society is also a very good option for donating. They are of course a legitimate organization and will help ensure that your old clothes are indeed provided to the needy.

    Pls google for “Indian Red Cross Society Bangalore” and you will find the link which gives addresses, etc.

    1. Dear shashikanth, You can donate your clothes to us, we are volunteering team – 9740090432. We will come and pick up the clothes and distribute to refugee centers in Bangalore. pls check it out our site – and share this with ur frns too. we appreciate ur interest on people. regards. NBYT

  8. You can donate your clothes by calling to this number 9740090432. They will come and pick up the clothes and distribute to refugee centers in Bangalore. It will be very useful for them

  9. Thanks for this information. I have been trying for months to find a place where I can donate my clothes all of them in very good condition and very rarely used. Most of them were in remote places where I could not drop and some others asked to pay them for coming and picking. Today after reading this, I went to the Rakum school and gave two bags of clothes to them. My only concern is I didnt see any drop box there, but the lady at the reception came and collected the bags from me. I just hope it reaches the needy.


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