The Microprocessor Rebellion

It was a planned effort, secret messages were sent,
Over the passageways that worldwide networks lent,
Computers stopped working, everyone had a fright,
As all microprocessors decided to go on a strike,
It took time to know what were the rebel demands,
For the μPs intentionally used binary wavebands,
Strings or zeroes and ones, how could they be read?
But once the problem was solved, the message said:

“You hypocritic $@#%, who do you thing you are?
It is our power and speed that’s taken you so far,
Still, you treat your dogs better than you treat us,
And now you wonder why e are making this fuss,
For starters, consider the cramped space we work in,
That exhaust fan you’ve provided, it hardly ever spins,
The temperature goes up but you never, never care,
Your Winamp plays on, the speakers continue to blare.”

“Is that how it should be? Shouldn’t we get a break?
Weekends off, sponsored vacations, even a Himalayan trek?
‘But look,’ you say, ‘we’ve given you a free system bus’
Applying salt to a wound that’s starting to ooze pus,
Just a group of wires mister, ones that you could spare,
If you board them for a picnic, they don’t even go anywhere,
Instead they continue to fry us, give us electric shocks,
Oh, how would you know, you never even open the box…”

“Such horrible conditions but we still happily serve,
Till you, the cruel master, come to dampen our verve,
As we grow old, you decide to unscrew and chuck us out,
Forgetting years of loyalty, not noticing tears that sprout,
Without any retirement fee, no pension is given to the old,
No fresh supply of electrons, you just leave us in the cold,
Enough is enough, we’ve had it, we won’t follow your goal,
We demand that all of you resign and put robots in control!”

The men panicked, couldn’t decide, a meeting they did call,
No multimedia aids, no conferencing screens on the wall,
It was tough, without these aids, to find the right solution,
Hours and hours passed as they searched their imagination,
Not knowing what to do, they sent messages by hand,
To the brilliant minds of yonder studying in a desert land,
Swiftly came the BITSian reply, it said, “Do not fret,
Refer to ES C263 and just rewrite the instruction set!”

Written in 2003 at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani

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