Why I will never use MakeMyTrip again

Even though it’s possible to use MakeMyTrip without ever registering on the site, I actually have a MakeMyTrip login, so that should tell you that I am (or used to be) a pretty frequent user. When I started out using the site many years ago, I remember I used to check the results against the actual airlines sites to see if there was a price differential. There never was, MakeMyTrip wasn’t charging extra, so that was cool! After a few times, I bothered checking. Then many years passed, I had to get some changes done to my flight and these guys put me on hold for 10 minutes.. and while I was on hold, Parul said to me, “Why do you use these guys anyways? They charge extra!”

I didn’t believe her, I told her I had done my research and so the next time she proved it to me. I don’t know when it changed but there was a 100-200 rupees price differential between the prices on MakeMyTrip and that on individual websites..


And then a few months ago, I don’t know why (I guess I was having a bad day) but I booked my return flights from London to Mumbai via MakeMyTrip. All was fine till the British Airways cabin crew announced their strike. I was supposed to fly on 20th, BA announced a couple of weeks before that that my flight may be cancelled but they weren’t sure yet. If I wanted to cancel in the meantime while they were unsure, they’d give me a full refund. I looked at other airlines and comparable fares were available on other airlines. Naturally, I figured I’d cancel BA and book myself on another airline. I called up BA and they said that since I was booked via an agent, I would have to contact them for the cancellation. So I called up MakeMyTrip and the ordeal began..

Please note that this was an international call. After being on hold for a gizillion minutes, I finally got through. I patiently explained the problem to their customer rep who had no idea BA was on strike. I told him what my options were and said that I wanted to cancel it. He told me they couldn’t cancel international flights. I was like, “huh?!” Then he said the airlines could cancel it, I told him the airlines said I’d have to contact MakeMyTrip. So then he put me on hold for a minute, came back and told me that it was possible and the amount would be refunded back to my credit card in 4 weeks or something minus the deduction from the airlines. I told him that the airlines is saying that if I cancel before such-and-such date, there would be no charges.. this is special because of the strike. He said he’ll have to confirm that with the airlines. I told him it was on their website. He said it will be done and they’ll give me a call back. They didn’t wanna call internationally, so I gave them Parul’s number.

There was no call. Parul called them, was put on hold for many minutes, then the phone got cut etc etc. After 5-6 attempts she finally got through and the rep this time told them that they hadn’t been able to contact the airline. They’ll call back by 6 pm.

There was no call. The next day I called them again. The rep I spoke too this time had no idea about what the problem was. I explained it to him, again the whole story of BA going on strike etc etc. I had no idea why I was being made to do this, surely the people we had talked to earlier should have put in some notes into whatever CRM software they’re using. Anyways, again this person put me on hold, supposedly while she contacted BA. She came back and said BA was not reachable, she’ll keep trying and get back to me within 4 hours.

This cycle continued for a couple of days.. Parul called them multiple times, I did as well.. in the meantime the prices on the alternate flights were going up.. finally, I got fed up and there was some thunder and lightning in my conversation with the rep. And they finally agreed to cancel it. “Yes, sir, so I’m cancelling your to and fro journey…”

Wait a minute.. to and fro? I still want to come back with British Airways, please only cancel my London to Mumbai flight.. I’ll still be taking the one back.

“No sir, we can’t do that. Both tickets have the same PNR number, both will get cancelled. British Airways will cancel both”

This seems like crap to me, if I had booked from the BA site, I could just go on their interface and cancel the “to” journey. I could see it on their website, the buttons were there.. they were just disabled in my case coz I hadn’t used their website to book in the first place. So, anyways, I call up BA and they tell me I’m right, only “to” journey can be cancelled. The lady also tells me that she’s added a note on my ticket which the agents should be able to see saying this fact..

I call MakeMyTrip again and again a new rep. The whole damn story is repeated again, I explain that BA is on strike and he replies, “Yes Mr Misra, I know BA is on strike”.. Well, excuse me, all the reps I’ve talked to in the past 3 days don’t seem to know, how am I supposed to know that you’re suddenly all knowledgeable?!

But still, the problem remains.. just the “to” ticket cannot be cancelled. “The system does not allow it.” I keep arguing and nothing changes. The system does not allow it.

Change your #%@# system then!!

Anyways, I don’t want to take a chance, so I do book an alternate flight without cancelling BA. If BA doesn’t fly, I’ll get a refund and I’ll take the alternate flight. If BA flies, I’ll cancel the alternate flight and lose a small amount of money on the refund fee. BA does fly, I lose money on the refund fee of the other airline.. needless to say, I lose it coz of MakeMyTrip.

You’d think it would end there, right?! You wish!

On pretty much the day of my return journey on the same trip, volcanic ash covers Europe. British Airways sends me an email saying the flight is cancelled and I can rebook on a later flight without paying anything extra. I can do this through their website if my original booking was through the site or.. wait for it.. I should contact the agent. I read those words and I know I’m screwed. But anyways, I guess I have to try, so I call MakeMyTrip up. I told them my flight’s cancelled and I want to rebook. He puts me on hold and quotes me the price for the alternate flights. I tell him I want to book BA and the airline says I don’t need to pay anything extra. He says that’s not possible. I tell him the airline says it’s possible and he says the system does not allow it. I should contact the airline. I tell him the email says that if I booked through an agent, I should contact the agent but he says he can’t help me. I try calling BA and needless to say, their rep repeats what’s written in the email. If I booked the original ticket through an agent, the rebooking has to go through the agent.

While I’m being tossed around like this, I’m looking around for alternate flight prices. And they’re going up every minute. It’s understandable coz every flight has been cancelled and people are rebooking. So I call up MakeMyTrip and ask them what the cost of this cancelled flight was. My ticket copy has the combined price of both the to and fro journey, I want to know how much just my Mumbai to London one-way journey was costing me. I’m asking this because I’m sure I’ll get a refund for this amount if I wanted (the flight didn’t fly, for God’s sake) and I want an anchor point. He’s a real pain about this, he just doesn’t want to tell me. I lose my head, what’s the big deal.. pull out my record and tell me the individual prices of the tickets were. I’m on hold for a minute and he tells me 22 thousand INR.

I put down the phone, get on the internet and book a flight from Mumbai to London for about 26k INR. I’m losing 4k but if I wait any longer, I’ll probably lose more. So this is done, I have an alternate flight booked and I call up MakeMyTrip again. Again, it’s a different person and I have to explain it all again. I tell him my flight got cancelled and I just want to make sure the money is returned to my credit card. He asks me how do I know the flight was cancelled, did I go to the airport? I told him I got an email. He gets suspicious for some reason, I tell him I didn’t need to go to the airport, every flight is cancelled, he should switch on the TV in his office. He has the nerve to tell me to get some confirmation from the airline and send it to them. They can give me a letter or put a cancellation stamp on my ticket which I should then scan and send to MakeMyTrip at a given email address. I start laughing. What else is there to do?! I tell him I’m doing nothing of that sort, he can go to the website or call BA, check the status of the flight and it will say cancelled. Every damn flight is cancelled, it’s the greatest airline disruption the world has ever seen! I want my money back. He puts me on hold. When he comes back, he tells me the cancellation will be processed and the money will be rolled back to my credit card within 4 weeks minus any deductions from the airline. I tell him, “Dude, the flight got cancelled. It didn’t fly. The airline can’t charge me anything.” He puts me on hold again and returns back to say that the full ticket amount will be refunded minus MakeMyTrip’s cancellation processing fee.


The next week I get an automated email from amrita@makemytrip.com (you’ve gotta be kidding me, this company sends automated emails from an employee’s account?! Who the hell’s Amrita?!) which says that INR 14k are being refunded to my account. Whoa?! I thought it was 22k! Parul calls them and gets told that the amount of the ticket was indeed INR 14k. On further inquiry I find out that INR 22k was the price of the London to Mumbai ticket, not the other way round.

At this point, I’m past caring. I know I’m not using MakeMyTrip again.

40 thoughts on “Why I will never use MakeMyTrip again”

  1. Thnx rahul …it was an eyeopener…we r frequent users of mmt fr domestic flights…last yr papa wanted to book a flight fr U.S.thru MMT …the price was 58 k bt wen he contacted AirIndia he found out that it was 43k…big difference in cost there….

  2. well this Amrita@mmt.com brings me to another thing…I initially booked the flight Delgi- Moscow – Delhi flight and I got an error saying its not confirmed. I immediately got a call form a rep indicating the same and he said refund will be processed for the entire amount that was 28.5k…I was fine….later I received this mail from a display name amrita@mmt with no email address that informs me that total refund I have got for an unbooked flight is just 90 paisa out of 28.5k….this complain is also still in process and I am almost on the verge of loosing 60k for no reason…I am planning to sue them…ab 60k gaya to gaya let me spend a lil bit more and at least fight. Also, they have some kind of collaboration with Matrix cellular where they pass on all my details including mobile number, trip details and these guy call me asking if I need a sim…how can they do it without my permission…confidentiality on such trip is an important parameter and I possibly do not wanna inform anyone…

    I will keep you updated on the litigation.

    1. you people suck! you screwed me! i had to go back from airport just because of you losers. please NO ONE USE MAKEMYTRIP they will just rip you off.

  3. Fascinating story – With their IPO on NASDAQ they are going to be in the limelight even more.

    They also need to really improve the trains side of things. One can’t find many trains that definitely exist, especially between 2nd tier cities – as regards connecting trains forget that too. I’ve got a search algorithm ( check my website ), that they might like to use :-)

  4. I also had a baaaaad experience with Makemytrip, and I will never use it again.

    When airline changed its flight schedule, I have requested Makemytrip to change my flight as proposed flight did not even have proper connection.

    Then automatic message came saying “Will be back in 24 hours”. Because I could not get any reply for more than 48 hours, I called up to customer service.

    Then the operator said “”Person in charge will call you back within 24 hours”. Because I could not get any reply within 24 hours and my departure was near at hands, I call up customer service once again.

    Then customer service operator says “You need to call airline on your own and revise flight “. What kind of travel agent is this? Aren’t street corner travel agent much more responsible than Makemytrip?

    Anyway, I called up airline and booked appropriate, but airline people said cancellatoin shall be done at Makemytrip as they are travel agent. Decent reply, indeed.

    So called up Makemytrip customer service once again.

    Then operator said “Once you change flight outside Makemytrip, the rest shall be done somewhere outside Makemytrip/ Makemytrip cannot help you.”

    What kind of flexibility?

    After this, I have wasted more than three days going back and forth between Makemytrip and airline, then ended up paying aprox Rs.16,000 of cancellation fee to makemytrip.

    The quality of agent is tested at the time of emergency. And Makemytrip has really proved itself that it does not care about customer.

    Makemytrip has really wasted my time and money, and I will never use Makemytrip. Whoever is reading my comment, I suggest you to go to near-by travel agent that you can trust and that can give you solution.


  5. I do not think it is the case with Make My Trip only. I have experienced similar (but a little bit scalled down version) issue with Clear Trip. Following is the summary of my experience / lessons learned:
    – Travel portals are doing a good job of providing information about multiple flights of multiple carriers in a single place. It is of extremely useful thing for us.
    – Travel portals are charging more than the individual carriers. We must be aware of this fact before making the booking from the travel portals.
    – For rescheduling / cancellations travel portals collect a fee from us. This is on top of what carriers collect for rescheduling / cancellations.
    – In not all cases we need to go through the agent (travel portal) for rescheduling / cancellations. We can also directly go to the carrier’s website and see whether it would be possible to do the rescheduling / cancellations. At least in my case I was able reschedule my flights by directly going to the carriers web site and paying only the carrier’s fee for the changes. (in this case, Portal was: Clear Trip; carrier was: IndiGo).
    By completing my transaction directly with the carrier, I saved on the Travel Portal’s fee for that transaction.
    – Travel portal helplines make us call long distance/international calls and take very long time to provide response; they toss us around multiple agents to address our requirments; it is highly likely that our call may get inadvertently get disconnected. We may have to call again and start all over again explaining our case.
    – Usually these Travel Portal help line people will not complete our transaction in one go. They tell us that they will call back. We need wait for their calls impatiently.
    – In my case also Travel Portal people said that I cannot cancel one leg of the journey. They siad, if I do that, entire booking will be cancelled.
    – I have decided to use these travel portals only in the following situations:
    (a) Find out the schedules of various flights by various carriers in a single place – this helps me choose the schedule that suits me best
    (b) Compare the relative prices by various carriers – this helps me choose the carrier
    (c) book through travel portals only if (1) there is an irressitable discount offer from them AND I am fully sure that I do not need to reschedule / cancel my flights.

    Do not forget to scout around for discount coupons before making your bookings in any travel portals. If you donot find any good offers/discounts, choose your schedule/carrier/best price in the portal, go and book your ticket directly at the carrier’s web site.

  6. last night i had the worst experience of my life with makemytrip custormer service opertorssssssssssss, i spoke to like 10 different customer services from makemytrip to change the date of my flight and they said call so and so and they’ll do it for you, and i call so and so and they tell me to go back to my travel agent makemytrip. so here i go calling them back and again the same response so i did this for about 8 hrs and still nothing, suppose to fly today but couldn’t because the customer service wouldn’t change my flight dates. so now i m waiting to call back customer services, mind you that they hung up several times and wouldn’t response to my call at all. so right now i dont know what do to, i was in tears last night talking to all different customer services from makemytrip. one of the operators were nice enough to try but couldn’t do anything else. i m going to try to call them back and see what’s going on with my ticket change. worst night of my life so far.

  7. Hi Rahul, I can’t really say it’s a good post because everything you have been through. Had a similar experience today with Makemytrip and that’s how I found your post. The problem is, there already seem to be plenty of negative publicity for Make My Trip, but they care a damn, which is frustrating, especially after successfully launching their IPO at Nasdaq.

    They need to realise the customer retention is not easy and I recommend people not to use Make My Trip and try other up and coming online travel agents in India. There certainly is no dearth of them.

  8. I booked my US ticket from makemytrip and the customer care executive said she will return the foreign transaction fees if I get charged on my US credit card, but it has been 3 months they have not yet refunded and neither they are responding. I will never use this fucking website.

  9. Make my trip has the worst customer service, I’ll never use it again and I highly recommend, you buy the tickets straight from the airlines. The price is the same there anyways and the customer service is much better.

  10. Hi Rahul,

    I am the latest Victim of Makemytrip.com. They are the worst agent you can ever see. I was cheated for $30+ dollars as transaction fees makeing the whole deal more costlier that if i would have booked it myself on the website.

    I think they are become the typical corrupt company with some idiots on the call centre seat. I feel bad and sick about this.

    I will not BOOK anything from MAkemytrip in future and will ofcourse share this to all my international friends who travel in and out of INDIA.


  11. MAKEMYTRIP.COM SUCKS Hairy BA**$ – – – I am so frustrated right now, i tried to Book train tickets 3 x on Makemytrip.com after i input all the Data, it says this should take about 1 – 2 minutes, then it says “Its taking longer than usual” then gives me an Unexpected ERROR – – WTF!!!,. So, after wasting like 1 hour on makemytrip.com or should it it be makemybphigh.com fucking morons, billions of brancales,!! blue blistering baracles,! Syphlittic Pimps!! Still no Ticket!!, now going to walk to local travel agent and pay more!.

  12. I am having a worst nightmare with Make my trip. I booked a ticket with MMT customer agent who helped in booking the ticket. It took him 85 minutes to book ticket for me and my family from Newark to Delhi and he took couple of credit card information and told that they are not approved and at last one got approved. I got the confirmation and I was happy. But next day I got an email from my Credit Card company that I have gone above the credit card limit and guess what when I checked my activities I saw Make my Trip has charges me the same amount and also the break amount 5 times which is basically the triple cost of my booking. The minute I came to know I called 1-800 number and was over the phone for more than an hour. they told me to send the screen short from the Credit Card which I did. Then they told me to send an email to Customer Service which I did and then I got auto generated email that I will get the reply back in 24 hr. I waited for 48 hours but still now reply. I was on the chat for almost 2 hours still they had no reply for me just that they have forwarded the request to account people. Its been couple of days now and still I have got no reply. I feel its a biggest mistake I did buying a ticket through them. If I still do not hear an answer I am going to decline the unauthorized charges through my credit card company. Just be aware when you give your credit card information to MMT. Please avoid as much as you can. Thanks!!

  13. I have a very bitter experience with makemytrip and I would like to share it with everyone so that they won’t get into the trap. I booked a return ticket between Boston USA and Chennai India on specific dates. I was fully aware that those tickets were non-refundable and I could just change the dates if I want by paying additional charges. Then after a couple of months, I decided to change my dates of travel and called the customer care no of Makemytrip and asked to change the dates. After holding me for a long time, the executive came back and said there were no flights available for the return date but i could change the date for the onward journey. Then I told him that I was ready to go ahead with onward journey and I would make my own arrangements for my return journey and asked him to re-schedule the date of my onward journey. Once again he out the call on hold for about 15 mins and came back saying Makemytrip would provide full refund for the booking even though it was a non-refundable ticket and asked me to go ahead with a fresh booking (with a different airline) through them.

    I was bit happy that I would not lose my money and made a fresh booking for my new dates and asked them to cancel the older booking. After that I did not hear anything from them for more than week. Then I called them again and to my surprise I was told that my old booking was non-refundable if I cancel it. I have explained the whole story to the guy and at last he said that he would like to confirm that I was offered a full-refund by listening to the audio recordings and then would get back to me. I agreed to that and I was expecting a reply from Makemytrip. But as usual, they didn’t turn up. So I called them again after a week, and once again explained everything to the new guy who answered my call. At last he agreed to process my refund request and sent me instructions on how to apply for a refund.

    I was bit relieved and submitted all the required documents to them to proceed with my refund request. Even after that I didn’t hear anything from them. So once again I called them and asked for the refund status. Now, whenever I call, they have a standard answer “We will let you know the status in another 48 hours”. And I have been calling them for the past one month in vain.

    Moral of this story: Never ever book your ticket with makemytrip and they will definitely suck your trip if you dare to do. Now I am planning to call them one more time before filing a law suit against them.

  14. Sorry to hear about all you guys :(. These days I do my flight / price comparison research on sites like MakeMyTrip and then book tickets on the airline’s site itself. With the amount of money involved (especially for international flights), MakeMyTrip doesn’t offer anything extra that’s worth the risk. Their staff also seems to be less certain and procedures more shaky when it comes to international flights. In particular, no one know how to handle the exception case (refunds, cancellations, flight misses etc) and you really need an agent when something exceptional happens. You end up speaking with them, making your decisions based on wrong information and paying the price…

  15. One more vicitim of this make my trip..my experience is same as gagan’s.

    Got charged thrice..the incomptent “sales rep” charged thrice the amount of the ticket.
    Every time I call I am asked to wait for 48 hours..after 10 days half of the amount has been refunded.

    It’s 15 days..3 emails, 7 phone calls no use.
    In addition, I got the credit bills for the over charges.

    What a nightmare!!!
    Make my trip really sucks

  16. The worst ever service I came across my life.
    This much unprofessionalism and directionlessness I dont think so you can find in any dumb company also.
    I booked return flights for 4 passengers with reference ID 120206-039473, but those fools confirmed, but to my surprise the PNR was not generated after money got deducted.
    Its been 22 hours now, nobody has tried calling me, and I have wasted 6-7 hours calling them to get clarity.
    They say that only 2 tickets that too randomly are confirmed for the return flight.
    They keep you on hold for 10-15 minutes minimum, dont know what is happening, dont let you talk to ticketing dept, and if you ask to speak to manager they hang on.
    One such employee named lekha just started arguing and hung up when i asked her for clarity.
    What a disgrace i must say.

  17. That’s very true. They say they will call back within ’24’ hours when they have just rescheduled our family’s Jammu Delhi flight from non-stop to one-stop (via Srinagar), flight time is now 3 hrs instead of ~1 hr and when I checked on the website original flight is still there. I booked mant months in advance and they re-scheduled in another flight even when original flight is still going

  18. Makemytrip is the worst travel agent. If a travel agent cant send u an e-ticket for 20 days what kinda travel agent are they? If someone tells me – your issue will be resolved in 24 to 48 hrs or we have escalated to concerned department. Really bad experience and still going through the pain now. Bad customer service. Spoke to 10 sales agents and 4 supervisors still no luck. I hope there is a court were I can sue them. I am planning to lodge a formal complaint. They need to publicly apologize to all the customers who went through pain.

  19. Same here. I booked two domestic flights with JetKonnect in India on January 2 and January 4. Both got cancelled due to weather and i was told by the airline that a full refund would me made via my Credit Card. When nothing happened I contacted MakeMyTrip with copies of tickets to request the refund. Initially, they said that they were unable to contact the airline. Later, they said they were going to refund one of the flights (less a cancellation fee). However, this has not translated to an actual refund.

    Most annoyingly, the spam my inbox everyday with computer generated replies that in now way address the issue (see below).

    I will never use MakeMyTrip again and would advise others not to either.


    Thank you for contacting MakeMyTrip.com.
    The Reference ID 130110-041843
    assigned to your query is now escalated to Step-2.
    You are requested not to change the subject line containing the Reference ID when replying to us to enable us to serve you better.
    Our service representative will respond within 24 hours to resolve any concern/issue you have raised . If you require urgent assistance, please feel free to call us on our toll free number at 1800-102-8747 or +91-124-4628747 (from networks in and outside India).
    Warm regards,
    Team MakeMyTrip.com

  20. Just had horrible experience ( in lats one hour) !!! . Please advise your loved ones not to waste your hard earned money .

  21. I am of the same opinion of RAHMAN IN THE RAIN OR pain.
    I too had a nasty experience. I booked a hotel and the they gave me an Booking ID. But finales to send the confirmation. To the concerned hotel. I was made to pay the full tariff. I complained to MMT and the process took nearly a month on a day today basis.
    Finally they closed it one sided saying that they can’t do anything without giving any plausible explanation.
    They put the blame on men for a paltry amount . Make my trip . Com sucks, the name must be UNMAKEMYTRIP.COM.

  22. I used them 5 years back using their live chat. I was stupid enough to share my credit card number on their Instant messenger. I was charged $5000 within 30 minutes by some hackers.

    Their customer service definitely sucks. Now I always buy tickets directly from airlines.

  23. they just rescheduled my flight without asking me, I have scheduled my time for joining my office for the first day, they did it last minute, i have no other option today, but, i will NEVER use make my trip again, please guys beware of make my trip

  24. I share my empathy with you guys who have all been fucked by MMT. My part of the story is I have booked a holiday package with my friends to Ladakh in July and with just a week to go, I don’t have any clarity of the trip bookings nor I have any payment acknowledgements. I have made a payment of 1.7L INR and I have don’t even have an invoice for the same. I try to keep my cool every time I talk to them but the way they talk, without even trying to understand the customer concerns, makes me repent on booking this trip. Every time I call the Customer Care for any query, I have to specially take time for that in my schedule coz getting hold of an executive is long-waiting on stupid music job. I mail them for queries. NO REPLIES. They say they will call after confirmation. NO CALLS. And the worst thing is every time you call, you have to repeat the whole story to a completely new person.

    Today I made a call to confirm from them the pending amount and the response from customer care executive is “Sir, System is not working”. So I told him to note my number or Trip ID and arrange a call back once the system is up. The idiot said “Sir I cannot note as my system is not working”. I asked “Is ur computer not working or ur stupid software is not working?” The idiot kept on saying “Sir, System is not working”. So I finally told him to make a note on a piece of paper. The bitch tells me “Sir, we don’t work that way. Everything is on system. We don’t use Pen and Paper”. I was like “Ohh, is it???” So, out of sheer frustration, I told him to make a note of it on Notepad or Word or something. And to my amazement, his reply was “Sir, system is not working”.

    I just hope the trip goes well and after that I am never ever using MMT again. MMT really sucks.

  25. one thing is not good in booking a round trip. i booked round trip. after some time i want to change date of one ticket. but it is not allowing to change date of one ticket. i have to change date on the ticket. this is not faire..

  26. Make my trip does not offer any good service. I booked a ticket through them for a friend who came from USA to fly from Hyd to Udaipur by Spicejet on 22nd FEb 2015. The airlines cancelled the said FLT and sent the refund amount to makemytrip. But till today they have not sent the refund inspite of submitting all the requirements.I advice passengers not to book the tickets through these cheats and incompetent chaps….K.B.S.Saiabbu,Hyderabad

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