Where was Harry Potter filmed in Oxford?

I get this question a lot, maybe because I’m currently at Christ Church and everyone thinks that the Hogwarts Dining Hall scenes were actually filmed at the Christ Church hall. So I thought I’d settle it once and for all… here’s a list of places in Oxford where portions of the various Harry Potter films were shot:

1. Staircase leading up to the Christ Church Hall: Most of the “entrance to Hogwarts Hall” scenes have been shot here. The prominent one that you may remember is where Malfoy introduces himself to Harry in Philosopher’s Stone and Neville loses his frog.

2. The Christ Church Hall: None of the movies were actually filmed here. The Hogwarts Dining Hall is a set that has been modeled around the Christ Church Hall. Depending on which story you believe, either filming in the Christ Church Hall was too expensive for the producers or Christ Church disallowed the lengthy interruption to its lunch/dinner schedule. Having seen firsthand how “aristocratic” the Hall staff is, the latter is not entirely implausible.

3. Christ Church Cloisters: Some scenes of the movie are shot here, the most prominent one being where Harry finds out for the first time that his father was a Gryffindor Seeker.

4. Divinity School in the Bodleian: The rather majestic interiors here double up for the Hogwarts Infirmary. Since Harry and the gang end up here quite a few times, you’ll see this location many times in the movies.

5. Duke Humfrey’s Library in the Bodleian: Scenes from the Hogwarts Library are filmed here. Again, visible many times in the movies.

6. New College Cloisters: A few scenes from inside Hogwarts have been shot here. The one you might remember is where Mad-Eye Moody turns Malfoy into a bouncing ferret in the Goblet of Fire. There’s a rather funny video on YouTube where a couple of girls go all “oh my God” as they trespass through the cloisters.

These are the ones I know of. There may be more, of course. In case you end up here and know of a location I’ve missed, please put in a comment and I’ll add it in. Thanks!

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