India – Cricket World Cup Champions 2011

Oh, this feeling of being high without alcohol… oh, this delirious excitement.. someone please trap this memory in a bottle, don’t let it grey out in time… there are no words… so let me just leave you with some gems from my Facebook/Twitter feed… coz other people are saying it much better than I ever could.

I will write a blog on this… when sanity returns.

Copyright for the comments below rests with the respective authors :)


The nation Salutes each one of them.. I wudn’t mind writing each name – Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvi, Dhoni, Raina, Pathan, Bhajji, Zak, Nehra, Munaf, Kohli, Ashwin, Piyush, Sree and Gary. You are the greats of Cricket for years to come !

A billion dreams came true today!!

Finally the mortals did it for the GOD… Indian cricket is in safe hands.. Desh waasiyon ko Jeet ki dheron badhaiyan!!!

Mr. Clive Lloyd, we did it twice too :)

Now that he has won the world cup for us, no more Rajinikanth jokes.

Honi Ko Anhoni Kar De , Anhoni Ko Honi , Ek Jagah jab jama ho teeno, Rajni, Ghajni aur Dhoni!!!

And nothing else matters..!!!

On this day, every single person in the one billion will be oozing with a very special yet unexplainable feeling! Just can’t stop smiling! :)

The whole world will drink tea on a plate now. Kyounki cup unka baap dhoni legaya :P

The world can now end in 2012. Who cares?

Whenever my father talks of that World Cup of 1983, that quickfire 38 from Srikanth, that in swinger from Sandhu that took Greenidge’s off stump, that Kapil catch which got rid of Richards, he has this dreamy far away look in his eyes. Today, I know what it truly fees like…

India are the ICC Cricket World Cup champions! A seminal moment: today, we will believe that we have the attitude to finish off the Australians, South Africans, Pakistanis and anybody else in the world. INDIA RULES!

Who needs to worship unknown gods, when you have such real, outstanding, inspiring ones in front of you? #wc2011 #Dhoni #Sachin


Pehle baari goro ki, phir haraam khoron ki, ab seeta maiyya ke choron ki :D :D

To write a petition to Supreme Court to shift Diwali to April 2nd. And also to my parents to keep it as my birthday.

One Big Thank you to GARY KIRSTEN!

Indians have taken over Trafalgar Square. London is now Mumbai!!

Witnessing biggest party on earth and its blue .. :-)

Mark my words… these 15 guys will come to your city in chariots covered with flowers. Please to treat them like Gods…

Finally we will stop showing Kapil Dev taking Vivian Richards’ catch

No, Coldplay… it’s not all yellow… it’s BLUE!!! #cricket #india #champions

Born in 1984! No regrets :D

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