Fernando Alonso racing Indy 500

I wrote the below article only a couple of weeks back. With Alonso announcing he wants to race in the Indy 500, probably as good a time as any other to preview it here.


Fernando Alonso: A man cheated by destiny

It was 2005. A clear evening in Sao Paulo. The crowds had been cheering, howling even, with an excitement that only arises in anticipation of something special.

A man covered in blue overalls, his hair oily with perspiration, came up the steps. He had only finished third in that race but the moment was still his as a podium finish had given him the Formula One Drivers’ Championship.

The throngs fell quiet when he appeared, perhaps waiting for him to acknowledge them, and he waved, a refreshing grin permanently plastered on his face. The masses beneath him instantly erupted in cries of adulation and heads simultaneously bowed in front of their prince.

A new champion, the youngest the sport had ever seen, had been crowned. Fernando Alonso was a relatively inexperienced driver from Spain but he had brought to an end Michael Schumacher’s five-year reign at the top of F1. Ferrari’s red had been replaced by Renault’s blue.

[To read the rest of this article, please follow this link to Sportskeeda. It was published on Sportskeeda on 28 Mar, 2017. Their policies prohibit full reproduction.]

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