Rahul Misra is an award winning poet…

…who writes poems on his phone, which means most people believe he is a social media addict. But being misunderstood has been his superpower since childhood. His work has appeared in Medium Lit, The Junction, Lit Up, Kavitanjali, Musings, PS I Love You, and the Native Petals anthology of Indian poems. He sometimes dabbles in short stories and creative non-fiction. You may find his love for sports spill into his words.

Email: rahul.misra.writes@gmail.com


Artist’s Statement

I often find myself thinking about what it really means to be me. It must be a sum of what I am, where I come from and how I have ended up here, but I am certain that another person who makes the exact choices I made would still be very different. There is something else, something unique, something ordinary that defines my existence and my poetry is an attempt to understand what this strange substance might be.