Rahul Misra


Hello! I’m a freelance writer and poet, and my writings have found a home in the following publications:

More about me:

In my other lives, I am a tennis player, an engineer, a programmer, a manager, a team leader and, most important of all, a thinker. Those life experiences are the inks in my pen; they are the paints in my palette.

That much of an introduction should be enough – after all, I should let my writing speak for myself – but if you’d like to know more, here are three absolutely random facts to whet your appetite:

  • I am convinced I have memories of India winning the cricket world cup in 1983 even though I wasn’t even two years old back then.
  • My main project while studying for my engineering degree was titled ‘A Critical Analysis of War Poetry in English.’ Yep, BITS Pilani lets you do that. It’s that awesome.
  • When I narrate an incident in the first person, that doesn’t mean it happened to me. It doesn’t even mean it happened to anyone. Truth mustn’t come in the way of a good story, right?