“I know not why I write
and I am jealous of those who have found
their reason.”

Please help yourself to a showcase of my poems, selected based on their popularity amongst readers, and I have also included a few personal favourites. If you’ve got any feedback or thoughts at all, get in touch at me@rmisra.com and we can chat.

Two People” at Medium. Selected by the editors to be featured in the curated Lit topic.

This is a poem about two people being devoured by things left unsaid, both slowly consumed by decisions past and regrets new. A reading group discussed this once and zeroed in on an underlying theme very different to the one I had in mind. So I leave it to you, dear reader. What do you think is troubling this poor couple?

A Million Little Dyings” at Ink In Thirds, Vol 2 Issue 5.

I grew up in India but now live in the UK. Thoughts of the home I have left often result in bittersweet hiraeth and this poem is the result of one such moment. It was first published in a print magazine, so if you can spare a bit of money, please consider buying a copy. Literary magazines are dying out and anything you can do to help is appreciated. This issue of the Ink In Thirds contains some beautiful writing. You won’t be disappointed!

The New Land of the Free” at Medium. Featured on the home page.

This poem is a critique on the invasion of privacy and role of Big Tech in the 21st century. A somewhat unusual topic for a poem, and I was thrilled when it was elevated to the home page by Medium editors.

Who is that inside my head?” at Lit Up.

I usually write in dark and sad tones but this is a soft romantic poem. I was a bit unsure when I put it out for the universe, not expecting it to get the amount of traffic it did. Give it a read and see if you like it?

Escape” at Poetry in Form.

I’m experimenting with form here. This is my first nonet, which is a poetic form with 9 lines and the limits on syllables are particularly challenging. I really enjoyed playing with words as I edited this. It’s for you to judge whether I did the form justice.

Old Wounds” at Medium. Featured on the home page.

A poem about wounds that never heal, and of the ache that we carry with us always.

Father” at PS I Love You.

This poems lives in the complexity of relationships, family, and the sorrow that comes from knowing what you know and not knowing what you don’t.

Gunshot Love” at Medium. Selected by the editors to be featured in the curated Poetry topic.

I explore addictions in this poem, the people and things we know are bad for us but that’s what makes them irresistible.